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Does your insurance match your individual needs? Do you know your own risks and have covered them with insurances? Not every person or company needs all insurances at all times. The market offers many combination packages for policyholders that should be considered carefully. Our insurance experts will run an insurance check for you and will assist in choosing the right policies. They will also inform you about the options that will save you money!
Social Insurance

The first column of the Swiss Social Insurace System consists of social security and old-age and survivors insurance (AHV). The AHV is the most meaningful column (1st column) when it comes to old-age and survivors insurance domain in Switzerland. When reaching the planned age, the insured person should be able to withdraw from working life. After the passing of a parent or spouse, the survivors insurance intends to protect the surviving dependants from facing financial difficulties while suffering from the loss. The disability insurance (IV) is the most significant column (1st column) in disability precaution in Switzerland. This insurance has the goal of providing the insured person with payments and reintegration measures, in case he or she suffers from disability. Casualty insurance covers damage in case of occupational disease or accident. Occupational precaution (BV) is the 2nd column in the Swiss Social Insurance System. After retiring, the insured person shall be able to continue life at the same standard of living he or she was used to during employment. These insurances are obligatory for every Swiss citizen.

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