We provide perfectly fitting insurance covering

Does your insurance match your individual needs? Do you know your own risks and have covered them with insurances? Not every person or company needs all insurances at all times. The market offers many combination packages for policyholders that should be considered carefully. Our insurance experts will run an insurance check for you and will assist in choosing the right policies. They will also inform you about the options that will save you money!
Property Insurance
Property insurance covers all costs caused by destruction, damage, or theft of items, real estate, or similar objects. It is well known, that costs for the damages listed above can hold significant financial risks and even endanger the very existence of private persons or businesses. 
To guarantee your safety, we offer well-tailored solutions in all areas: Property insurance for small and medium enterprises (SME), property insurance for private persons, and building insurance. 
Our experts will competently answer all your questions to different services concerning the property insurance. With pleasure, we will discuss the particular payments in case of natural hazard and damages caused by fire, theft, water, hail, and earthquakes as well as glass breakage and interruption of business operation.
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