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Does your insurance match your individual needs? Do you know your own risks and have covered them with insurances? Not every person or company needs all insurances at all times. The market offers many combination packages for policyholders that should be considered carefully. Our insurance experts will run an insurance check for you and will assist in choosing the right policies. They will also inform you about the options that will save you money!
Our goal is to perfectly tailor your insurance to your individual needs, to adapt to your demands and desires. Upon your wish we would be happy to create a combination of all insurances you need and integrating all of your demands and desires. Due to our broad expertise, we can competently provide answers to all your questions about insurances, and how you can get the best out of the policies in your insurance agreements. Your optimal insurance is our declared goal! To ensure that your insurance policies are remunerative for you, content-wise and financially, we are always up-to-date in matters of special bonus programs of all insurance companies. Thus, we never miss financial advantages our customers may profit from! With us you are on the safe side of life and save money at the same time! The members of our competence team would be pleased to assist you in all areas of insurances, whether personally or on the phone. +Sbaa GmbH
The first column of the Swiss Social Insurace System consists of social security and old-age and survivors insurance (AHV). The AHV is the most meaningful column (1st column) when it comes to old-age and survivors insurance domain in Switzerland. When reaching the planned age, the insured person should be able to withdraw from working life. After the passing of a parent or spouse, the survivors insurance intends to protect the surviving dependants from facing financial difficulties while suffering from the loss. The disability insurance (IV) is the most significant column (1st column) in disability precaution in Switzerland. This insurance has the goal of providing the insured person with payments and reintegration measures, in case he or she suffers from disability. Casualty insurance covers damage in case of occupational disease or accident. Occupational precaution (BV) is the 2nd column in the Swiss Social Insurance System. After retiring, the insured person shall be able to continue life at the same standard of living he or she was used to during employment. These insurances are obligatory for every Swiss citizen.
In Switzerland, health insurance consists of two obligatory basic insurances and several supplementary insurances that can be chosen freely. The obligatory basic insurance more or less always covers the same payments at all Swiss insurers, as these are defined by the government. This is different when it comes to supplementary insurances; this area offers a very wide range of complete insurance packages and price offers which is barely transparent to customers. With pleasure, we will provide assistance in choosing your personal additional insurances. We will explain in detail what insurance services will be covered, and what services are of interest in your particular situation in life. We also offer to check your current insurances and how well they match your individual needs. Hereby, we consider whether your insurance agreements are in an acceptable price-quality-ratio. 
Some risks of modern life are damages and problems related to mobility. These are for example car accidents with people or other motorized road users, parking damages or other incidents that cause loss of value of vehicles. After car accidents, people often find themselves in situations threatening the financial existence. To protect yourself from such situation, it is necessary to have vehicle insurance. We would be pleased to examine your current vehicle insurance and will carefully check the agreement in terms of need for improvement and price-related attractiveness.We are looking forward to your contacting, when you have chosen our services for examining the current insurance policies on your vehicle. In case the current vehicle insurance does not match your usage or demands, or simply costs too much, we will make an offer that perfectly fits you and, at the same time, is much cheaper than your current agreement!
With the household insurance you can hedge your entire household goods against everyday risks. This area of insurance also offers many different services and payments at wide-ranging prices. Does your household insurance cover your current state of possessions? We will inform you about all these details, since the protection of our customers’ homes is part of the Sbaa’s mission. We will provide detailed advice about how you can find a fitting household insurance at the best price! We are available at any time, once you have chosen to let our competence team give you free and non-binding advice! 
Property insurance covers all costs caused by destruction, damage, or theft of items, real estate, or similar objects. It is well known, that costs for the damages listed above can hold significant financial risks and even endanger the very existence of private persons or businesses. To guarantee your safety, we offer well-tailored solutions in all areas: Property insurance for small and medium enterprises (SME), property insurance for private persons, and building insurance. Our experts will competently answer all your questions to different services concerning the property insurance. With pleasure, we will discuss the particular payments in case of natural hazard and damages caused by fire, theft, water, hail, and earthquakes as well as glass breakage and interruption of business operation.
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